"Lydia is a brilliant Clinical Supervisor. She is able to walk the fine line of providing supervision in a very supportive, empathic, individualistic way, while also challenging me to consider what other factors may be affecting the clients I work with, and begin to reflect on what my own personal views and beliefs may have brought to the therapeutic relationship. It is clear throughout the process that while Lydia is considering what can be of most benefit to my clients, she is also keeping in mind how she can offer the best support to me both personally and professionally. Supervision with Lydia has dramatically improved my therapeutic practice, especially when it comes to building strong therapeutic relationships and therefore delivering the best possible service to the clients that I work with"

Anthony W. 

"Lydia has supervised my counselling and therapeutic work for over 3 years covering various different therapeutic interventions, including short and longer term work, with a vast range of complexities and presenting difficulties. Her own practice and experience is considerable in offering understandings in general practice and in ongoing struggles, but she’s also been very helpful in thinking through unexpected problems in a very peer equal and non-judgemental way.

She has a very solid, experienced and highly trained foundation in family therapy work and in systemic thinking, but also has great knowledge from other modalities and is very willing to think creatively dependent on need and client presentation, and practitioner training or stance.

She is always open to learning and will inform the work and supervision process with a wider eye and interest in both past and present theoretical thinking.

Her systemic thinking has been incredibly helpful in offering me opportunity to be self-reflective and reflexive, and in looking at organisational dynamics with critical thinking about personal and systemic practices, with a keen eye on cultural, societal and political landscapes.

Sean R. 

"Lydia has been my supervisor for 2 years, and has been consistently wise and thoughtful in her support. She has a wealth of experience which she shares generously.  Her grasp of the theory behind the work we do is impressive, and this underpins and informs her supervisory role.   Not only does she have an uncanny ability to identify texts which have helped my development and learning, but she will use them to help me explore cases in ways that always enrich my understanding.   Her personal warmth means that supervision with Lydia is invariably positive and containing, providing hope and direction with the most complex and challenging cases."

Jessica D.

"Thank you so much for the 100% useful support, advice and guidance you have given to my whole family"

"We're now enjoying being in a family again, listening to each other more and arguing less. Thank you!"

"Your encouragement, insight and support have helped our family communicate better and for us to feel more confident in our parenting"